The Nature of Pencil

The Nature of Pencil

The project is a tribute to the exceptional work of photography pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot. I have chosen to revisit these very early analogue image making processes that he invented, using a very early digital camera – the 1998 Game Boy Camera from Nintendo. The title, a play on words on the original book published in 1844 “The Pencil of Nature” is an invitation to questioning the nature of the photographic medium and the stability of the visual world.

Submitted in response to Photomediations call, part of Europeana Space project

The images used are photographs by Henry Fox Talbot, from the book The Pencil of Nature published in 1844. These images can be found on europeana collections at the following addresses:

William Henry Fox Talbot, The Haystack, 1843
William Henry Fox Talbot, The Ladder, 1844
William Henry Fox Talbot, The Open Door, 1844

Rights: © The University of Edinburgh CC BY