Constantin Marian Brosteanu Buffering I Didsbury Arts Festival Manchester 2015

Didsbury Arts Festival 2015 Exhibition

Didsbury Visual Arts Trail 2015 / Didsbury Arts Festival 2015 Saturday 20 June 2015 – Sunday 28 June 2015 Bourbon & Black, 704 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M20 2DW Constantin Marian Brosteanu, selection from Buffering project, 2013 Photographic exploration of the peripheral urban landscape, approaching from a conceptual angle spaces that …


Landscape Photography and the Contemporary Sublime

Jan 2013, Liverpool John Moores University   Landscape Photography and the Contemporary Sublime  Constantin Marian Brosteanu     Introduction   Designed and influenced by the traditional principles of painting, landscape photography depicted the identical scenery that modernist artists were attempting to free from method. Portrayed in black and white the photographic …

Constantin Marian Brosteanu Metamorphosis photo book

Metamorphosis – The Book

CM Brosteanu, Metamorphosis, 2012 self-published Hardcover, 30×37 cm, 40 pages, 17 colour plates Printed at Polkadot, Manchester. Covers & binding by Artisan, Chester. This book is published in conjunction with the group exhibition Transmission at the Blankspace Gallery, Manchester