CM Brosteanu 09 Manchester Art Gallery Manchester UK 2016

Mnemonic Landscape

Mnemonic Landscape

Mnemonic Landscape is a short study part of a larger visual universe questioning the menmonic ability of the photograph based on the theory that photographic images depend more on the memory that already exists within us and not so much on the detailed features of the image in itself.

It is also a psychogeographic exploration of urban landmarks driven by the need to revive the joys of play and urban discovery in times when the ever-prolific online imagery dissemination is making us altogether more and less connected with the environment – having the digital world at our fingertips and the real world in the background.


The photographs were taken with a black and white 0.014 megapixel Game Boy Camera and the finished images are C-Type prints of the upscaled original.

The Game Boy Camera is accessory for the handheld Game Boy gaming console released in 1998. The camera can take 128×112 pixels, black & white digital images using a 4-color palette.

University of Manchester